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From organizational structure to business form, the iterative speed of the software internet industry is far faster than that of the traditional industry. You need a flexible, easy-to-use and extensible enterprise performance management platform to help e
Industry Characteristics
High Speed Change
The organizational structure, business model and performance indicators of software internet enterprises are always changing. Traditional systems that need to invest a lot of IT resources to develop and maintain cannot keep up with the pace of enterprise development.

Diversified Business Models
E-commerce, advertising, membership services, and software internet enterprise business models should be diversified. The indicator analysis system should not only meet the consistency of performance at the company and financial level, but also meet the personalized needs of different businesses.

Talent Intensive
The main cost of the Internet software industry often comes from human resources. Only when the expenses of recruitment, salary, training, welfare and so on are automatically and accurately allocated to each project can the company's business operation income be accurately assessed.
Fast Iteration

The software internet industry is full of uncertainty. Like agile development, the enterprise business model, organizational structure and core performance indicators are also "trial and error in small steps, rapid iteration".

Traditional enterprise-level software needs to occupy the resources of the IT department, and even buy a large number of external consultants. The model that takes a lot of time to maintain and develop is difficult to apply to the software internet industry. Enterprises need a more flexible and extensible architecture, which can quickly adjust iterations according to business changes, as well as simple and easy-to-use operations, so that business departments can also easily use maintenance and reduce IT spending.

With Keyfunc, a refined human capital budget management model has been established. Detailed cost budget management for each employee. The calculation of labor cost is quickly formed through model calculation, and budget calculation and analysis are carried out according to multiple dimensions of organization and project.

Respond to Changes By Changing

With Keyfunc, enterprises can quickly adjust their organizational structure and business indicator system. The low-code operation mode allows enterprises to quickly iterate without investing too much IT resources.

Because the preparation of data such as large amount of extraction and conversion has been replaced by automated systems, enterprises can further refine the granularity of budget, plan and analysis, for example, the cost of human resources can be refined to each employee, extend the enterprise management tentacles, and help enterprises achieve lean operation.


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