Financial Consolidation Platform Financial Consolidation Platform
Financial Consolidation Platform
Support cross-system, multi-accounting standards, multi-organizational structure, one-click intelligent consolidation under complex equity to meet disclosure needs, and automatically generate offset entries and adjustment vouchers to facilitate retrospect
Complex Environments, Simple Merging
Step.1 Data collection and transformation
· Rich data interface, directly connected to various financial systems,
· Automatically complete report verification such as balance sheet balance,
· The data transformation process is transparent & traceable,
Step.2 Related Transaction Check
· Check by business type,
· Up to the parties to check it themselves,
· Reconciliation of transactions at the account level & detail transaction level,
Step.3 Data Adjustments
· Reclassification adjustments,
· Adjustments are not met,
· Equity method adjustments,
· Guidelines adjustments,
· Audit adjustments,
Step.4 Foreign Currency Translation
· Different accounts are converted into foreign currencies at different exchange rates,
· Automatic calculation of translation differences in foreign currency statements,
· Realize consolidated reporting in different currencies,
Step.5 Consolidated Offset
· Equity offset,
· Related party offset,
· Insider transaction offset,
· Cash flow statement offset,
· Apportionment & other management rules processing,
Step.6 Generate Reports
· Automatically generate merged working papers,
· Automatic generation of statutory main tables and annotated reports,
· Automatically generate management reports of each architecture and caliber,
· Drill-down analysis can be down to the voucher level,
· Support PC, large screen, mobile terminal visual display,
Helps You Easily Handle 90% of Low-value Repetitive Work
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Financial Consolidation White Paper

Financial Consolidation White Paper
Keyfunc provides one-stop coverage from consolidated to managed reports, enabling simple consolidation of complex environments and ensuring 100% traceability to meet compliance requirements.
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