Retail Retail
The consumer goods retail industry is facing a data explosion. From online to offline, from e-commerce platforms to social media, the contact between enterprises and consumers is growing geometrically. Controlling huge data, realizing the integrated plann
Industry Characteristics
Marketing Channels
Microblog, WeChat, Tiktok…… The marketing channels of enterprises are becoming more and more diversified. A quick, accurate and scientific evaluation of the ROI of various marketing means can help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and bring direct benefits.

Distribution Channel
From physical stores to various e-commerce platforms, the sales channels of enterprises are also growing exponentially. How to reasonably allocate the supply chain and coordinate production is the key to ensure commodity supply and improve inventory turnover.

Complex Category
An endless number of promotion combinations, linkage models and seasonal limited models have been launched, which has led to the explosive growth of enterprise SKU, and at one time brought about a higher demand for small batch and flexible production for enterprise production plans.
Seamless Planning Of Your Sales, Production And Supply Chain

Today, the retail industry has become a "data intensive" industry. From stores to distributors, from live broadcast platforms to e-commerce platforms, complex sales systems, a large number of SKUs and supply chain networks are intertwined into a "data maze".

Enterprises need to integrate internal and external data, provide real-time, unified and complete data views for all business departments, break the data barriers between departments, and achieve efficient collaboration among all business sectors. It enables operators to accurately track key indicators such as import and export, sales, return rate, etc., to achieve active management and seize the opportunity.

The one-stop budget management platform integrates the data of various systems of the enterprise, significantly improves the automation rate of budget preparation and analysis, and ensures the accuracy of data. The efficiency of budget preparation has increased by 94%, and the efficiency of pre-actual analysis report issuance has increased by 60%.

Data Enabling Business, Driving Enterprise Lean Decision-making

Keyfunc can help enterprises effectively integrate internal and external data, from physical stores, distributors, to e-commerce platforms, integrate distributed sales data, accurately and real-time reflect enterprise sales, and break inter-departmental data barriers, so that sales, supply chain, and production departments can work together efficiently.

Keyfunc low-code platform allows business users to drill down and analyze data without the support of the IT department. Through multi-dimensional analysis, the cumbersome process of data collection and report preparation is abandoned, and the development cycle of business plans is greatly shortened, so as to respond to market demand faster and more flexibly.


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