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Due to regulatory compliance requirements, life science industry production, sales, supply chain and other businesses have unique complexity. How to use innovative digital technology to control complex business, break the inter-departmental data island, a
Industry Characteristics
Large R&D Investment
The cycle from R&D to market is long, and the R&D investment is huge. The requirements for product project life cycle management and project R&D management are higher than those of general industries.

Strict Supervision
Not only in R&D, but also in sales, promotion and circulation. With the implementation of new regulations such as the two-ticket system, enterprises need to quickly adjust business logic to meet compliance requirements.

Huge Data
In addition to the general production, sales and storage businesses, life science enterprises, especially pharmaceutical enterprises, often have data flow to the data platform. The data is huge and complex, and has high requirements for data quality.
Integrated EPM to Support High Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Life science enterprises such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and other industries are the most regulated industries in the world. In terms of product life cycle management, the regulatory requirements for drug approval need to be strictly approved by the regulatory authority and a large number of experiments. The cycle from research and development to marketing is long.

In the sales, production and circulation links, life science enterprises also face strict regulatory requirements. They not only need to accurately restore the enterprise's operation, but also need to integrate the enterprise's sales, production and flow data to achieve transparent and traceable product flow links and meet regulatory requirements.

Therefore, enterprises need to be able to seamlessly embed complex IT environments, integrate complex data sources, and help enterprises achieve an enterprise performance management platform covering the whole link from R&D to sales.

With Keyfunc, we have achieved a data-driven comprehensive budget management model. Through data integration with various business financial systems, we have greatly improved the granularity of our revenue and expenditure and profit analysis, providing reliable data support for business decisions.

Full-cycle Planning Platform of R&D, Production And Distribution

The enterprise cloud side can cover the decision-making, planning and analysis of the whole cycle from R&D to production to distribution, and realize the integration of industry and finance in the whole value chain of enterprises. On the R&D side, Enterprise Cloud can help you plan R&D test resources, automatically allocate management project costs, and automatically generate multi-dimensional analysis reports in a comprehensive, real-time manner.

At the production end, through integration with ERP, SCM, MES and other business systems, based on a unified and trusted data source, various reports such as production, sales and procurement are generated, providing you with a 360-degree view, and real-time monitoring of supplier bottlenecks, production plans, operation and maintenance costs and other key factors.

At the distribution end, with the help of the powerful computing power of Enterprise Cloud, it can easily control the huge flow data, help you build a more sophisticated and reasonable evaluation system, and can drill down the data in real time to analyze the enterprise sales situation in multiple dimensions such as region, product, channel, etc.


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