One-stop Planning & Budgeting Management Platform One-stop Planning & Budgeting Management Platform
One-stop Planning & Budgeting Management Platform
One stop covers all aspects of forecasting, business planning, execution control, rolling budget, analysis and assessment Realize comprehensive closed-loop budget management and help enterprises streamline operations.
Integrated Business and Finance Processes
Data integration
No secondary development, two-way integration of ERP, CRM, OA and other systems

Seamlessly integrate with your existing IT environment to ensure real-time and accurate data
Goal setting
Built-in predictive algorithms to automatically calculate targets based on business data

Simulate the impact of different sales, production, and other plans on business operations
Target decomposition
Zero-code configuration decomposition logic automatically distributes targets across subsidiaries

The granularity of allocation can be refined to each business unit, even to each employee and SKU
Budget modeling
Self-service business, zero-code construction of industry-finance integrated budget index system

Support multiple dimensions such as products, channels, and customers to build multi-dimensional analysis models
Budget control
Integrate with cost control and OA systems to monitor budget execution in real time

Dynamic report drill-through analysis, quickly locate the cause of discrepancies, and adjust in time
Zero-code build a budget filling and approval process to improve the efficiency of preparation

Automate calculations such as apportionment and aggregation to avoid low-value manual work
Rolling forecasts
Automatically forecast the next period of data based on actual data

Built-in fixed point, fixed length and other rolling prediction modes
Budget analysis
Build personalized applications with zero code to meet the analysis needs of different levels of departments

Support ad-hoc analysis to drill down into detailed data and control the full picture of operations
Data Enabling Business, Grow With Your Business
Keyfunc knows your market better
Enterprise cloud side consolidated statement system
Enterprise cloud side consolidated statement system

Support cross-system, multi-accounting standards, multi-organizational structure, and complex equity one-click intelligent merger, meet disclosure requirements, and automatically generate offset entries, adjust vouchers, easy to trace audit. At the same time to achieve the management report one-stop coverage, the overall financial condition and operating results management.

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Planning & Budgeting white paper

Planning & Budgeting white paper
The new era also puts forward new management needs for enterprises, that is, how to deal with the "future". When the market undergoes major changes, how to connect with the medium- and long-term strategies of enterprises, quickly, comprehensively and ...
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