Customer Profile:
Arm China is an independently operated and Chinese-owned joint venture company, and also the largest chip IP design and service provider in China. It has more than 300 authorized customers in China, and the cumulative chip shipment has exceeded 25 billion pieces.

50 %
Reduced Workload Of Data Preparation
56 %
Decrease In Budget Manpower Input
73 %
Reduced Budget Cycle

Business challenges:

  • Data dispersion: The required data is distributed in business systems such as ERP, CRM, OA, eHR, and offline tables.

  • Very fine granularity: the human budget is based on individuals, plus a variety of special welfare calculation methods.

  • Various allocation modes: multiple allocation scenarios.

  • Multi-currency exchange rate and exception handling.

Project Benefits:

  • Integrate data sources of all systems to realize automatic, accurate and real-time synchronization of business data; Meet the budget, actual and rolling test requirements at the same time.

  • Improve the refinement of budget management, such as human resources budget to individuals.

  • Get through the budget data of all business links, realize the linkage of revenue, cost and expense modules, and automatically complete the complex calculations such as allocation and multi-currency conversion, greatly improving the budget preparation efficiency.


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