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ETL Engineer

Xiamen University

At first, I just joined Keyfunc with a desire to come to Shanghai. Later, the company gave me a lot of support. In my work, my predecessors patiently guided me, and I made a great improvement. I got along well with my colleagues, and established a relationship of affection for the company and Shanghai. The company's cultural atmosphere is open and equal, efficient and frank, and there is often a collision of ideas. The team is young, and fresh forces are pouring in. I have a sense of achievement through helping new people grow, driving the academic atmosphere of the team, solving technical problems, and being recognized by the team.



University of Sydney

It's a great honor to join Keyfunc. The harmonious working atmosphere of the company and the friendly and respectful way of communication of colleagues have made me gradually integrate into this harmonious and warm family. Under the guidance of a number of teachers with rich development experience, I got many opportunities to learn and exercise. Compared with the time when I just entered the company, I have grown and improved a lot both in terms of vision and professional quality. I look forward to continuing to grow with the company in the future, not forgetting my original intention, and moving forward to a higher level.



China University of Mining and Technology

Keyfunc is a very good development platform, with enough development space, challenging work content, time for growth and opportunities for trial. I have gained a lot of growth here. The atmosphere of equality and respect makes my work very pleasant. The company has a broad prospect. I also hope that with the company's rapid development, I also hope that you can join Keyfunc and meet better yourself here.



Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

As the implementation consultant of Keyfunc, he should be good at using system software and professional knowledge to help customers solve budget and management problems; And in the work, we need to have more diligence and sense of responsibility. As the saying goes, God rewards hard work. More efforts will make you go further on the career path.



Shanghai University

During this period of working at Keyfunc, I have fully felt the creativity and hard work of this company. The company has given an open and inclusive development stage, enabling employees to better participate in the work, focus on the improvement of business capabilities, and stimulate their own potential. In such a rapidly developing company, it has also gained a lot of growth. I hope that I can continue to play my strengths in this group and work with the company to achieve new goals.
Employee Growth Plan
Our Training Programs
Every employee's success is not fighting alone, but standing on the shoulders of their predecessors;
Keyfunc strives to build a training system that accompanies the growth and development of employees at all stages to help every employee grow. Campus enrollment growth plan, consultant professional camp, R&D professional camp, business training and annual growth star evaluation and other rich training courses are waiting for you!
Keyfunc provides employees with a dual-channel career development plan of "professional rank and management rank":
Regularly organize professional rank certification meetings every year to evaluate the professional competence of employees and match the corresponding rank, so that employees can match and parallel in professional competence, work tasks and fixed salary; Through the appointment of the management rank, more employees who are willing to engage in team management and pursue high output performance will be able to display their talents and obtain more performance awards while completing the management tasks assigned by the company.
Team Buildings
Adhering to the corporate tenet of "honesty based and stable operation" and the corporate spirit of "innovation, hard work, pragmatism and dedication"
With the enterprise value of "sharing happiness with customers" and the spirit of "keeping pace with the times and striving for the first class", we strive to build a leading domestic and world-class management software service provider.

Talent Recruitment
Implementation Consultant

Job Responsibility

Bachelor degree or above, major in finance and accounting, computer, mathematics is preferred

Be able to adapt to appropriate business travel

Strong communication, coordination and execution ability

Clear thinking logic and strong self-learning ability

Strong document writing ability and various report processing ability, high initiative and strong sense of responsibility

Front-end development engineer

Job Responsibility

Major in computer and software engineering is preferred, bachelor degree or above;

Good programming foundation, familiar with Javascript;

Have strong self-learning ability;

Be familiar with one of the frameworks such as Vue/React/Regular;

Continuous enthusiasm for front-end technology, optimistic personality, strong logic, and good communication attitude;

Test Engineer

Job Responsibility

Computer related major is preferred, bachelor degree or above

Programming languages NodeJs (familiar), Vue/Html (familiar), and Puppeter mocha and other automated test frameworks

Familiar with common operating systems, application servers and test tools

Interested in business, can quickly understand and be familiar with the functions and logic of software, can design corresponding test plans according to software products, and can analyze test results

Have strong interest in testing work and good communication and understanding skills; Strong logical thinking ability, able to think independently

Back-end development engineer

Job Responsibility

Major in computer and software engineering is preferred, bachelor degree or above

Familiar with JavaScript, node.js

Good algorithm and data structure foundation

Clear thinking, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to withstand great work pressure

ETL Development Engineer

Job Responsibility

Bachelor degree or above in computer related major, more than one year of relevant work experience

Be able to independently carry out business demand research, data analysis, data modeling and report preparation

Proficient in the use of MySQL database

Proficient in the use of SQL, stored procedures and functions, and have the ability to write and optimize complex SQL

With UFIDA NC implementation experience is preferred

Product manager

Job Responsibility

Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of product manager experience

To b product experience, strong demand analysis and product planning ability

Have excellent communication and cooperation ability, and be able to coordinate relevant resources efficiently

Proficient in prototype design tools, understanding user operation is preferred

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