Manufacturing Manufacturing
The manufacturing industry has the most complex budget planning system in all industries, covering all budget modules such as sales, production, logistics and finance. It is difficult to link departments, business and finance, and it is impossible to form
Industry Characteristics
Production, Supply and Sales Linkage
Get through the data of different business modules of finance, sales, production and supply chain, create a business model of production, supply and marketing linkage, and provide data support for enterprise decision-making through simulation analysis.

Lean Cost
Allocate sales, R&D, production, marketing and other expenses according to production process, orders, customers and other dimensions, accurately reflect the cost of the enterprise, and help the enterprise continuously reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Seamless Integration
Powerful ETL tools can be directly connected to enterprise ERP, MES, SCM, CEM and other information systems to seamlessly embed into enterprise IT environment, integrate enterprise financial data, and provide a unique, real and real-time data base.
Leading The Wave Of Industry 4.0 Era

Through the implementation of a large number of information systems such as ERP, MES and SCM, manufacturing is one of the industries with the highest degree of information. However, finance and sales often rely on Excel to make plans and budget. A lot of time is spent on inter-departmental coordination, and when the budget is completed, it is outdated.

This also causes the manufacturing industry to be constrained in the face of market changes. For example, in the face of rapid changes in product sales and sharp fluctuations in raw material prices, it is difficult to rely on Excel to quickly adjust the enterprise budget and business plan to respond to market changes through scenario analysis models and simulation analysis.

Enterprises need to effectively coordinate all departments, simulate and respond to market changes in real time under a unified set of data and calculation caliber, adjust business plans in time, and seize market opportunities.

Through Keyfunc's planning & budgeting solution, our data efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, we have greatly improved the refinement of budget management, for example, the chemical fiber segment has been refined from 14 major categories to more than 700 brands in the sales forecast.
Enterprise cloud side consolidated statement syste...
Enterprise cloud side consolidated statement syste...

Support cross-system, multi-accounting standards, multi-organizational structure, and complex equity one-click intelligent merger, meet disclosure requirements, and automatically generate offset entries, adjust vouchers, easy to trace audit. At the same time to achieve the management report one-stop coverage, the overall financial condition and operating results management.

Digital Intelligent Platform for Business And Finance's Integration

The enterprise cloud side can seamlessly embed into the enterprise IT environment and integrate with ERP and other various business system data. Real-time.

Automatically synchronize various business and financial data, and automatically complete exchange rate conversion and consolidation offset calculation according to preset logic.

It forms the only factual version of the enterprise, and realizes the data linkage of sales, generation, procurement, finance and other business lines, and creates an integrated digital platform for industry and finance.

Excel-like operation allows business departments to complete simulation analysis and other work by themselves after simple training, and enables business experts who understand the business value of data to realize "data freedom", so as to realize data from business to business, guide business and make scientific decisions.


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