Customer Profile:
AXENT is a global intelligent bathroom integrated solution company with branches in Switzerland, California and Hong Kong. At present, AXENT has more than 3600 employees worldwide and has 365 patents at home and abroad, among which the world-leading i-Flush tank-free technology occupies the leading position in the intelligent bathroom industry.

90 %
Automation rate
2 Million/M
Number of voucher entries
5 Million/M
Data extraction amount

Business Challenges:

  • The quality of basic data needs to be improved. The customer/supplier master data and material master data are not unified. The setting of account master data does not meet the disclosure requirements.

  • The issuance of the report can only rely on manual data collation, which is inefficient, and the timeliness and accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed.

  • The reconciliation of internal transactions and transactions is performed manually offline, which makes it difficult for the group to standardize the monitoring reconciliation and account adjustment process.

  • The calculation of unrealized internal transactions cannot reach the detailed materials, and the accurate unrealized offset data cannot be issued in the usual months.

Project Benefits:

  • Automatic conversion and mapping of various master data in the enterprise cloud system can maximize the quality of data disclosure without changing the basic settings of SAP ERP.

  • With the help of Enterprise Cloud, it can automatically issue individual reports and complete consolidation and offset according to rules, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data issuance. Complete automatic reconciliation between internal companies through the reconciliation module of the enterprise cloud system, truly achieve the consistency of account tables, and improve the internal transaction control between the group and its subordinate companies through the system.

  • Enterprise Cloud can automatically issue internal transaction unrealized offset data. The calculation of unrealized transactions based on materials is detailed enough. The internal transaction offset data is well documented.


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