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Keyfunc helps Hongxin to upgrade its budget management platform

Recently, Keyfunc announced that it had reached cooperation with Hongxin, a Fortune 500 company in China, to build a budget management platform for Hongxin that integrates industry and finance, help it innovate its business practices, continue to strengthen its resource organization capacity, and serve the real economy of China.

Hongxin is a comprehensive group spanning finance and industry, with the mission of "gathering global resources and boosting industrial development", and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. Hongxin takes root in basic industries and provides comprehensive financial services such as financial leasing, inclusive finance, commercial factoring, asset business, equity investment, construction project investment, overseas business, etc. in the fields of urban public, medical and health, cultural tourism, engineering construction, machinery manufacturing, chemical medicine, electronic information, people's livelihood consumption, transportation and logistics; At the same time, we will carry out hospital operation, health care, equipment operation, education and other industrial operation services. Over the years, Hongxin has continuously led the development and transformation of the industry, and won the Fortune 500 in China.


With the continuous upgrading of the business model, Hongxin has created an innovative business model of "industrial division of labor, industrial attachment, and professional operation" to provide financial services to customers, and actively layout the industrial business operation to give play to the organic coordination between finance and industry. In order to support the continuous development and innovation of the enterprise, Hongxin hopes to use digital technology to upgrade the enterprise budget management system, build a "digital and intelligent" budget management platform integrating industry and finance, refine the granularity of enterprise operation and management, and provide new assistance for the strategic goal of "building an excellent enterprise".

Keyfunc stood out in the fierce competition with its excellent technical capabilities, advanced product architecture and understanding of the industry, and finally reached cooperation with Hongxin.

Dr. Hualin Wang , the founder and CEP of Keyfunc, said: "Hongxin has always been committed to serving China's physical industry and becoming a professional financial consultant working with industrial customers. Keyfunc is honored to reach a cooperation with Hongxin. With the powerful digital technology of the enterprise cloud budget management platform, Keyfunc will help Hongxin's financial services continue to develop and deepen its industry and service entities."

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