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Keyfunc successfully signed TOTO to help upgrade the group's budget management

Recently, Keyfunc signed a contract with TOTO, a well-known smart bathroom brand, and held a kick-off meeting of budget preparation and management project at TOTO's headquarters in China to provide an information engine for TOTO's enterprise fine management.


TOTO was founded in 1917, as a brand that produces and sells sanitary ware and related equipment for civil and commercial facilities. TOTO always pursues high quality and high technological level, so that users can enjoy a healthy, healthy and comfortable life. TOTO can be seen in China's landmark buildings, China National Swimming Center (Water Cube), the main stadium of the Beijing Olympic Games (Bird's Nest), and the Shanghai World Financial Center. TOTO is committed to protecting precious water resources, creating and maintaining a comfortable living environment, developing sanitary equipment products with integrated combination structure, constantly enhancing its own product strength, and opening up new market space. Dongtao, together with Keyfunc, aims to optimize the budget cycle with the help of Keyfunc budget management platform, realize agile analysis and prediction, help the group understand the budget situation comprehensively and strengthen budget control.

01、Improve the efficiency of preparation and analysis, and gain real-time insight into the budget

Keyfunc provides a unified preparation platform. The data filled in by each department is automatically summarized upward to ensure the accuracy of the data, help TOTO shorten the budget preparation cycle, and provide a variety of data analysis methods. It can flexibly and quickly issue various analysis reports to meet the analysis requirements of the Japanese headquarters and improve the financial function.

02、Strengthen online control and automatic early warning of abnormal data

With the synchronization and comparative analysis of pre-actual data, the financial department can view the budget usage in real time. For abnormal data, it can set the early warning value in advance, and automatically alert through email. At the same time, it can realize rolling prediction, control and adjust the budget according to the changing business conditions.

03、The operation interface is concise and clear to improve user friendliness

Clear filling requirements and rules can be preset in the system to guide the preparers to fill in accurately, enhance the operability of the system, reduce the difficulty of use, and provide convenience for the smooth transition of budget preparation from offline to online.

Accurate budget and effective supervision are the direction of Dongtao's continuous pursuit of refined enterprise management. In the future cooperation process, Enterprise Cloud will continue to invest professional forces to help Dongtao optimize the budget management system and improve the operational efficiency of budget management.

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