Customer Profile:
YATAI Tech was founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. As a manufacturer of high-performance aluminum extrusion materials, the company is committed to providing the development and manufacturing services of high-end aluminum alloy extrusion materials and components with high strength, high fatigue resistance, high corrosion resistance and other comprehensive properties for customers.

85 %
Automation rate
30 Staff
Save workload
200 %
Improve the efficiency of statement issuance

Business Challenges:

As a listed company, Asia-Pacific needs to issue consolidated statements and notes of subsidiaries and groups that meet the disclosure of listed companies according to relevant regulatory requirements. In the past, the Asia-Pacific region relied heavily on manual processing of consolidated statements, resulting in a large amount of energy invested by the financial department in such tedious and low-value work as the number of audits. It not only leads to low efficiency in issuing statements, but also makes it difficult to avoid errors caused by human factors.

Therefore, Asia-Pacific hopes to realize the automatic processing of consolidation offset, transaction reconciliation, difference tracking and other work through digital technology, so that the financial department can release its energy to focus on planning analysis and other work, provide decision-making support for the management, and realize the transformation of financial strategy.

Project Benefits:

  • The merger automation rate reached 85%; One-click merge generation is realized to reduce a lot of manual labor.

  • The consolidated report can be issued within three days after the completion of settlement, which is 4 days ahead of the manual consolidation. It saves the time of financial personnel and enables them to transform to the management analysis function.

  • The project team has greatly improved the quality of consolidated data by cleaning up the ERP master data and reforming the business process during the implementation process, and by standardizing the consolidation calculation logic.


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