Customer Profile:
Xinchao Media is a technological media innovation enterprise of "traditional media+Internet", and a community media platform focusing on the consumption of middle class families. The new media media matrix is composed of elevator intelligent screen, pure business network, and elevator poster.

5000 +
Department data integration
70 %
Shortened report of consolidation period
90 %
Management report consolidation automation rate

Business Challenges:

  • A large number of distributed business data are distributed in independent systems

  • Unified data management of more than 5000 departments of the Group

  • The consolidation and generation of the group's daily management report and Ameba's operation and management report

  • Meet report visualization and create management cockpit

Project Benefits:

  • 5000+amoeba business units conduct data management based on the preset template of the unified platform to improve the efficiency of data collection;

  • The data filled in by each department is automatically summarized up to ensure the accuracy of the data. At the same time, the data can be drilled down in the summary table to quickly locate the underlying data;

  • The financial department only needs to maintain the data in the regular management report, and automatically link it to the other two sets of reports through the logical construction of the enterprise cloud system. The efficiency of management report consolidation and generation is improved by 70%;

  • It can independently generate a dashboard to intuitively find data problems and share data insights.


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